Internet Video Special as low as $595*

/Internet Video Special as low as $595*
Internet Video Special as low as $595* 2016-03-16T00:49:38+00:00

The Power Of Online Video

Video obviously has the power to inform visitors to your website about your products and services. Videos are not just for informing visitors; it is also an effective way to close a sale and provide after sales support. It even can drive more visitors to your websiteEvery time Google updates its search algorithm, things seem to change for your site’s SEO. Last fall there was Panda, now there’s Penguin, and while many of the changes are minor, some of them represent major departures from the way you thought search worked.

Video is widely touted as a way to improve search for high-quality sites.  This means that since October 2011, videos and sites that host videos show up higher in the search rankings. Whether you are involved with B2B or B2C marketing, there are a few ways you can tap into this major shift in search.

What makes video so great for search?

One major factor is that the old rules still apply to video. Remember when you could title your website and stuff the header with meta keywords and search engines would find it? Now it’s about content and crosslinking, and every Google update makes you throw out what you thought you knew.

Not so with video. Video cannot include text (although a transcript will do double-duty on this), so you have few choices beyond titling, tagging with keywords, and including notes and annotations. This is what the search engines use to find video, so you can still use some of your old-school techniques for video SEO.

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* Special pricing includes voice over, professionally edited video made from photographs, music and submission to YouTube.