Video Production

Experience counts!

VIP develops marketing promotions for companies large and small. First time television advertisers may rest assured that we take the worry out of advertising campaigns with a full explanation of procedures from start to finish so you have a complete understanding from the very beginning.

Services include all elements from concept through scripting, shooting and post-production. Production music and sound effects are available. Professional voice talents are selected from our “talent bank” including on air Seattle radio and television personalities.

The edit system we use is the choice of Hollywood movies. The Avid HD Media Composer. This system has more effects than you can dream of and the ability to up-rez standard definition to HD for wide screen viewing. With our added special effect software package if you can dream it we can make it.

Our edit computers are super fast Dual HEX Intel processors with 64 gig of ram and 12 terabyte hard drives to speed through edits saving our clients money and giving them the opportunity to create stunning visuals without waiting for long computer rendering times.

VIP also offers a green screen/audio studio that can be used for special effects or Green screening talent and can also set up remotely as required.

The team of VIP has many years of experience to make any project go smoothly and on time. This experience allows for project foresight to be sure things are done in the most cost effective way.

VIP makes the process easy no matter where our client is located as we maintain our own servers and post our edits for client review.  Posting on a private page helps immensely with the creative of the final project as it can be viewed and discussed with all participants to ensure a great final product.

No job is too big or to small, we look forward to working with you.

Formats We Offer

35mm Film

35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for both still photography and motion pictures. Standard 35 mm photographic film used for cinema projection has higher resolution than HDTV systems, and is exposed and projected at a rate of 24 frames per second.

High Definition

Nothing can beat HD imagery. When you compare HD side by side with standard definition, you can immediately see why HD imagery is far superior. It’s the difference of seeing individual hairs versus a hairy blur. If you want to really get the most out of your video and really get the best results, high-definition is the only way to go.

Broadcast Beta SP

Beta SP (for “Superior Performance”) has been the industry standard for most TV stations and high-end production houses since the 1980s. Despite the format’s age Beta SP remains a common standard for video post-production.


The DVD Format offers great potential for the delivery of higher quality video and audio for promotions, staff training and direct sales. DVD Video discs use MPEG-2 video at a resolution of 720×480.

Your disk can include interactive menus and features, or can simply play a program when inserted into a client’s player. We can design customized menus to enhance the user experience, which can include motion and/or sound, with complex scripting to create interactivity.